In this 7 day road bike tour we invite you to discover the Basque country's coastline, connecting Bilbao to San Sebástian and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.
The basque country is a cultural landmark of Spain. With a rich heritage, a fine cuisine and hills piercing out of the ocean and taking in the roughness of the sea through magnetic waves all year long.
Lush hills and quiet roads. You will be taken on a tour that shows you all of that typical basque spice, from coastal heavenly roads to classic climbs up to unforeseen vistas on the world around. Tapas and pinxos will fuel your muscles with the right amount of everything but hearty diners will be more welcome every night! Have a taste of txacoli (typical basque green wine) eat delicious sea food like chipirones (little calamri) or Navajas (sea knives) but don’t forget to taste the local healthy meat from the pastures around, grazing free. Riding perfect asphalt on a curated series of climbs, carefully handpicked to give you just the right amount of that typical basque reputation of steep and punchy climbs but also some long smooth gravel tracks through the valley. Come discover hidden villages inland and some of the most beautiful beaches of the Basque countryGuernica that inspired Picasso his famous and tragic painting of the war, Azoia birthplace of the Jesuits movement, Bilbao, vibrant students' heaven and Guggenheim nest, the little but proud San Sebastian one of the richest cities in Spain and finish on the other side of the border in France with a walk along the grande place and its gorgeous cliffs.

The so-called French Way is the Jacobean route par excellence and, undoubtedly, the most travelled at all times in the history of the pilgrimage to Santiago.

Several texts from the XI century speak of it and it is already described as a “mass phenomenon” in a text written by a monk in the 12th century, known today as the “Codex Calixtino” and considered the first tourist guide of history. The French Way was the first to be properly signposted and this is thanks to a parish priest of O Cebreiro, the creator of the yellow arrow symbol. The priest, named Elías, decided to rehabilitate the hospital of pilgrims in his parish and, as the pilgrims told him that they were lost on the way from France, in 1984 he bought surplus paint to mark the roads. With a carriage and two horses, he went from Roncesvalles to Santiago, marking with an arrow all the intersections susceptible of creating confusion for the pilgrims. The yellow arrow as well as the scallop, are used and present to date, throughout the several routes of this pilgrimage. Starting from León and cycling just over 300 km until the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, you'll ride across the Iberian plateau through the trails, woods and ancient roads of the Way (or "Camino" in Spanish). Witness the architectural and artistic religious heritage of towns and cities like León, Astorga, Ponferrada and Sarria, while savouring the rich Spanish gastronomy and wines. Stay in a variety of historical and charm rural hotels, or a SPA hotel set in the countryside.

Our Bike tour in Andalucía - Historical Villages and Wine Country is a perfect setting for a road or touring bike tour.

Known for the vibrant Andalucian lifestyle of tapas, sherry wine and bulls, Andalucia is much more than that. Here you'll find beautiful landscapes of farmland and natural parks to explore, as you'll be riding by quiet backroads along the olive oil groves, cork oak trees and vineyards with the backdrop of the mountains in the distance.

This 7 day bike tour is perfect for road cycling or e-bike enthusiasts that want to explore Spain's country side. Andalucía's countryside and Natural Parks offer breathtaking landscapes to ride, in quiet back roads along the olive oil groves, cork oak trees and vineyards. You'll start your ride from Córdoba - where you'll get to visit the Mosque Cathedral, Alcazar and other unique examples of Mudejár architecture, cycling down south until you reach the majestic and beautiful Ronda. Explore the quaint and unique "Pueblos Blancos" of ZuherosIznajárSetenil de Las Bodegas or Grazalema, white washed villages perched on top of the hills, reflecting the sun and dominating the plains. In the Subbética and Grazalema Natural Parks, you'll ride by pristine back roads and marvel at breathtaking landscapes and have the opportunity to stop for coffee in lovely cafes in mountainous villages for tapas or cañas and experience in the local culture. To top this, you'll be able to enjoy the region's hospitality in a mix of carefully selected hotels from the sophistication of some of the city hotels, the rural farmhouses and manor houses that let you experience the rural living with all the comforts, to the historical buildings and palaces located in some very special places now converted in to modern hotels.

Palma de Mallorca is the perfect setting for a road bike tour and some Mallorca cycling holidays.

This sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea has all the ingredients for you to enjoy a week of great cycling.

The island is a privileged training ground for both pro-cyclist and amateurs that come from all over the world to enjoy the varied types of terrain and rides this place has to offer in its well maintained roads. While cycling Majorca you'll be able to experience the mountains of the northern coast along with its iconic climbs and long downhill sections, the hills and flats of the southern and central area and the beautiful coastal roads that zig-zag up and down the western and northern coasts.

Alongside, your Mallorca cycling holidays will introduce you to the island's gastronomy, that although similar to the one in continental Spain, has its own specialties, namely the tasty fish and seafood, caught fresh every day and available throughout the island's "pincho" bars and great restaurants.

Being blessed by a mediterranean climate, the island offers also great wines. The Binissalem - Mallorca wine region is home to great gems of wines using the local grape as well as blends. The vineyards are mostly located on the foothills of the Tramuntana and Alfabia mountain ranges that you'll be able to ride by or even stop at the wineries for a visit and a taste.

Expect a great hospitality and accommodation, this is after all an island with great focus on summer and beach tourism too. You'll stay in both coastal hotels right by the ocean where you can explore the beautiful beaches and hidden pebble coves as well as quiet rural inland hotels that will let you unwind and relax in their gentle scenery. Enoy your Majorca cycling holidays.


Catalonia and Girona cycling in a Costa Brava bike tour, is the perfect setting for a road cycling tour. Known for being home to dozens of cyclists of the pro peloton for the varied riding it offers, this region of Spain stretches from the Pyrenees to the coast, enabling you to ride the rugged and beautiful coast, the flats and hills of the wine region of Empordá, as well as the serious climbs of the natural parks and some of cycling's most "notorious" climbs leading to the top of the Pyrenees.

Besides all this, cycling Catalonia and Costa Brava will introduce you to this region world famous gastronomy, with incredible food, ranging from small family run restaurants and bars that offer the regional specialties to the greatest names of Spanish cuisine with Michelin star food and restaurants.

Let's not forget the Empordá wine region, that borders the French Roussilon region, with whom it shares the mediterranean climate and benefit from the balming presence of the Pyrenees mountains. They are famous for their reds, whites and sweet strong wine.

To top this you'll be able to experience the region's hospitality in a mix of carefully selected hotels, from the coastal hotels overlooking the sea in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, S'Agaró or Cadaqués and also experiencing the rural and historical hotels in the inland regions of art city Figueres and gastronomic the stronghold of Girona.


Bike tour in Alentejo, perfect for road cycling, where you’ll get to discover the millennial history, culture and traditions of one of the world’s best wine countries, from north to south of the region. Start riding by the castles and monasteries of Marvão, Crato, Estremoz, discovering the medieval heritage of Portugal, explore the marble region of the Alentejo and its renaissance palaces, the fortified villages atop of the Alqueva and enjoy a week long ride in these peaceful rolling hills while exploring local wine cellars, sleeping in convents and discovering the UNESCO world heritage sites of cities like Évora, Vila Viçosa and Monsaraz.

Discover the amazing history, culture and traditions this wine region has to offer. Voted Best Wine Region of the world in 2014, Alentejo is a picturesque and charming place, where you’ll fall in love with the whitewashed villages, medieval castles, sunbathed plains and the secular traditions and lifestyle. Visit the UNESCO world heritage sites in Évora, the fortified village of Marvão, the former Palace of the Portuguese Kings and the rural lifestyle of the local homesteads;

Ride the never-ending rolling hills and the hidden trails between the fields. The car-free roads and trails of the Alentejo provide a great atmosphere for bike tours and its topography makes it a great region for beginner and intermediate riders. You’ll have plenty of time to stop and check out the “Sobreiros” and visit the “Antas” along the way.

With its trademark gastronomy, wine and amazing accommodations, the Alentejo is a great destination to experience the best of Portugal, where luxury meets tradition. You’ll get to sleep in Convents and dine in some of the country's best restaurants, harmonizing every meal with amazing wines;


Join this Douro bike tour, fit for road cyclists who want to discover the world’s first demarcated wine region and the portuguese historical villages Ride by the river, enjoying its trademark UNESCO world heritage “socalcos” or terraced vineyards and experience the secular traditions of this region. Visit the wine cellars, taste some of the best port and Douro wines and discover traces of the early history of Portugal, from up to 30000 years old. Visit the historical villages and challenge yourself up to top of the most beautiful viewpoints. Ride towards the portuguese historical villages and visit the medieval castles, the paleolithical engravings and rugged nature of the Douro International park and it's backroads.

The sheer history of this region starts and ends in Porto, one of the oldest city centres in Europe, settled in the 4th century during the roman occupation when it was named Portus Cale, to the UNESCO world heritage “socalcos”, that hold the wine farms on the steep hills of the Douro river, and to its own unique traditions, architecture, port wines and cellars. Visit the Palaeolithic archaeological sites with pre-historic rock art engravings and drawings dated from 22000-20000 years BC and spend your night in some of the historical villages of Portugal, with their very own medieval castles.

In this Douro bike tour, you'll get to experience beautiful landscapes and vantage points over the Douro valley, also a UNESCO world heritage, with its trademark "socalcos" or terraced vineyards; The undiscovered paradise of one of the most remote areas in Portugal, the Douro International Park: never-ending olive oil and orange fields, river beaches and animal life. Visit the authentic and picturesque villages of Peso da Régua, Pinhão, Marialva, Barca d'Alva; They are all close or on the riverbank of the Douro “expressway” and were historically focused on the commerce and transportation of the grapes and the wine, to and from Porto, in the traditional “Rabelo” boats that docked in their ports.

Dine and sleep in local charming hotels, once wineries or medieval castles, but now fully equipped hotels with their very own spas and amazing amenities to make you feel comfortable. Climb aboard a boat and sail in the Douro to discover the region from a different perspective.

Challenge yourself in this Douro bike tour by climbing towards the viewpoints and get a privileged look at the world’s most beautiful wine growing area. And fully enjoy the long, sweeping and almost car-free descents of the Douro International Park. Choose everyday between shorter or longer rides and define your own goals and pace throughout your riding experience.

The coastal variation of the Portuguese Camino will take you from Porto to Santiago de Compostela on a bike tour by the medieval and romanic cities of the north of Portugal and Galiza. Always accompanied by the ocean, this is a less demanding ride than the Central Camino but an equally rewarding one as you'll visit the coastal medieval towns and villages of Vila do Conde, Póvoa do Varzim, Viana do Castelo and Vigo, just before you join the central route in Redondela to continue the route to Santiago.

/ Cycling the Camino is an epic journey turned bike tour, a pilgrimage that started in the 9th Century with the discovery, in Galiza, of the remains of St. James. In 1325, the Portuguese queen Isabel made a pilgrimage to Santiago following a route very similar to the one that today is marked with yellow arrows, crossing the then recently built Barcelos bridge; Now it’s your time to trail the Way of St James.

/ Start cycling the Camino in the city of Porto, settled in the 4th century during the roman occupation, visit its UNESCO world heritage sites and its unique traditions, architecture, port wines and cellars. Riding the Way of St James, you'll feel like a citizen of the world, where several languages are spoken as one, passing through amazing medieval villages like Ponte de Lima, Barcelos and Valença, with typical traces from the northern Portuguese architecture and art.

/ The portuguese way of St James is made of trails and dirt tracks, ancient roman roads, municipal roads and even alongside modern roads. It’s of an enormous diversity and there’s always a surprise on every bend.

/ Immerse in the scenario of Minho and Galicia, while cycling the Camino, the roads and trails of the woodland areas, small villages and “pueblos” that still seem to be in the Middle Ages. Enjoy this regions’ gastronomy, rich in variety and flavor, a true feast for your senses. Taste the Port and Green wines, so typical of the Minho region and stay in some of the best hotels in the Way of St James.

/ Arrive in Santiago de Compostela, designated UNESCO world heritage site and admire the shrine of Saint James at the end of your pilgrimage.

This is a bike tour by the Portuguese Southwest Coasts's trails, which will take you from the start to the end of the “Costa Vicentina” natural park, experiencing the laidback and relaxed atmosphere of this region of the Alentejo and Algarve. Enjoy a weeklong ride in these peaceful rolling hills, discovering this beautiful natural park by the Atlantic.

Ride the beautiful oceanic roads and discover the Southwest Alentejo natural park, the finest preserved stretch of European coastline, covering over 100 km. These Parks include various unique species of animal and plant life, and are visited by many zoologists and botanists from all parts of the world.

Experience the tremendous variety of beaches, including long stretches of sand and small beaches nested between the cliffs and rocks. In this Alentejo coast bike tour, you'll explore beaches such as Porto Covo, Malhão, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Almograve, Monte Clérigo, Arrifana and Praia do Amado, many of them preserved in a virtually unspoilt state.

Discover the unspoilt Algarve, riding to Cape of São Vicente and the nearby Sagres promontory that housed the famous nautical school founded by the Infante D. Henrique in the 15th century. The car-free roads and trails of the Alentejo provide a great atmosphere for cycling tours and its topography makes it a great region for beginner and intermediate riders.

With its trademark gastronomy and great wines, it’s a great opportunity to taste the amazing fresh fish and seafood that are abundant in this region, as well as the local pastries. Ride towards Lagos and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Burgau, Luz, Dona Ana, and others.

A bike tour fit for beginner and intermediate bike touring enthusiasts, in the cradle of Portugal: the Minho region. Ride by marked, easy macadam trails alongside luscious green landscape, from the Lima and Vez Rivers to the Atlantic Ocean, rediscovering the traces of early Portuguese history, from the 12th century on. Relaxing in former Manor Houses, now refurbished as charming hotels, you’ll ride along the Vez and Lima Rivers, in Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez, nearby the Peneda Geres National park, towards the sea, discovering the historical centres of Viana do Castelo, Caminha and Valença, while tasting the trademark green wines, gastronomy and millennial old history of this region.

Riding by the Lima river, you’ll reach Ponte de Lima, the oldest “vila” or village, in Portugal, founded in the 12th century and best known by its Roman and Medieval bridge – a small town, which has much to offer in terms of culture, gastronomy and local wines, as this region is renowned by its typical Green wine.

Arriving to the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll get to visit Viana do Castelo, with the ever present Santa Luzia Sanctuary overlooking this piscatorial city – explore it’s historical Centre by the sea and enjoy the fresh fish and seafood of the region.

From Viana, you’ll start riding by the Atlantic Ecopista, which is also a marked trail that is part of the Camino de Santiago, so you get to ride by the “Camino Português”, a pilgrimage route that started in the 9th Century with the discovery, in Galiza, of the remains of St. James.

Arriving to Caminha you’ll get to see the Minho river, that serves as a natural border between Portugal and Galiza, in Northern Spain. Riding alongside the Minho river, by the Ecopista, you’ll reach Valença, where you’ll get to visit and stay for the night inside this 17th century fortress overlooking Spain, where you should try the local “Alvarinho” wines.

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