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Celebrating Nature's Growth: 400 Trees Flourish Thanks to Our Cycling Community and our "1ride=1Tree" initiative

In the spirit of continuous commitment to our planet, Live Love Ride's "1 ride = 1 tree" initiative has once again left a green footprint in the heart of Portugal. This February, we are thrilled to announce the planting of 200 new trees in the majestic Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, specifically in the Tapada da Urzeira area. This effort was made possible on the 16th of February, marking another milestone in our journey towards sustainability and environmental stewardship - an additional 200 trees will soon be planted in the upcoming months.

1Ride = 1Tree initiave - Live Love Ride sustainability 2024

The selected location, Tapada da Urzeira, has been under the threat of ecological degradation due to the rampant spread of invasive exotic species. Our intervention, in collaboration with Portuguese NGP "Plantar Uma Árvore" and supported by the Protecção Civil Florestal de Cascais and the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas, aims to rejuvenate this land. By reintroducing endemic vegetation and managing invasive species, we're not just planting trees—we're revitalizing ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, and significantly reducing fire risks.

Our palette of native species planted this year includes:

  • 25 Sedge Oaks (Carvalhos-cerquinho): A testament to resilience and growth.
  • 40 Pyrenean Oaks (Carvalhos-negral): Strengthening the forest's backbone.
  • 15 Cork Oaks (Sobreiros): Symbols of endurance and sustainability.
  • 20 Laurels (Loureiros): Evergreen beauties contributing to the forest's diversity.
  • 70 Myrtles (Murtas): Fragrant shrubs that enhance the habitat's complexity.
  • 10 Alder Buckthorns (Sanguinhos-das-sebes): Vital for numerous bird species.
  • 20 Strawberry Trees (Medronheiros): Offering both beauty and sustenance to wildlife.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to make this event a success. Your enthusiasm and hard work are the seeds of change that help our initiatives thrive!

A special thank you goes to our guests, whose participation in our bike tours directly contributes to these environmental efforts. Your choice to ride with Live Love Ride is a choice to support a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we are making strides in preserving the stunning landscapes we love to explore, ensuring they remain vibrant and accessible for generations to come.

An additional 200 trees will be planted in the upcoming months - stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to contribute to our green initiatives. Your ride can make a difference, and together, we ride towards a better tomorrow.

Join us in our next adventure and be a part of this meaningful journey. Live, Love and plant this idea!

1Ride = 1Tree initiave - Live Love Ride sustainability 2024 - single plantation


1Ride = 1Tree initiave - Live Love Ride sustainability 2024 - single plantation smile

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