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Upgrade your ride with our brand new E-road bike fleet: Conquer Portugal and Spain on the Scott Addict E-Ride

Upgrade your riding experience on all Live Love Ride road bike tours with our new and electrifying Scott Addict E-Ride bikes, that are here to turbocharge your fun!

Imagine this: you're cruising through the sun-drenched vineyards of the Douro Valley or the olive groves of Andalucía, with a warm gentle breeze pushing your back, and the only sound is the gentle hum of your Scott Addict E-Ride. No more huffing and puffing – just pure, unadulterated cycling bliss. You'll conquer climbs, cruise the countryside and ride further than ever before.

Available on all our road bike tours, the Scott Addict E-Ride is like having a personal wind god gently nudging you up those hills. It seamlessly blends human power with electric assistance, amplifying your effort, not replacing it. Think of it as a magic key that unlocks hidden reserves of energy, allowing you to conquer climbs with a smile and enjoy the ride, not just endure it.

Scott E-Addict road bike fleet - Live Love Ride

Check out the E-Addict's specs


Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a weekend warrior, this e-bike levels the playing field. It allows riders of different fitness levels to pedal together, explore further, and create lasting memories – no one gets left behind!

Ths bike is packed with a MAHLE X-20 motor hub: a lightweight, powerful motor that provides seamless assistance, adapting to your pedaling input for a natural feel. It disengages above 25 km/h - 20 miles/h, so you can experience the pure joy of unassisted cycling when the terrain allows. The 236Wh battery battery ensures you have enough pedal power to conquer even the most demanding routes. Its integrated downtube battery, with its sleek design, keeps the weight low and balanced, enhancing handling and making the bike feel incredibly responsive.

But you'll still be riding a road bike, and experience the stiffness and lightness of Scott's carbon fiber technology, with fully internal cable routing, ensuring a racy, aerodynamic and comfortable ride -and the 24 speed SHIMANO electronic shift system will give you the feel of being in full control of a modern-age racing machine.

So, are you ready to ditch the doubt and embrace the zest for life? Join us on our 2024 bike group tours in Portugal and Spain, and experience the magic of the Scott Addict E-Ride.

We'll conquer climbs, cruise the countryside and create memories that will last a lifetime. With the Scott Addict E-Ride, that journey will be electrifyingly fun for everyone!

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